VistaCORE is an innovative core build-up material with dual-cure chemistry to ensure material is completely cured. VistaCORE has been designed thin enough for use as a luting material while having the strength and thixotropic characteristics required for core a.. Price: $165.00 Source: Vista Dental


OmniEtch is the only material that allows a doctor to prepare ceramics, dentin and enamel in one simple application step. OmniEtch achieves this without the use of hydrofluoric acid so it is safe to use intraorally. When doing a repair intraorally, it eliminate.. Price: $95.00 Source: Vista Dental

V-Force Twin

V-Force Twin combines the three most important features for successful bonding: consistency, versatility, and strength. It eliminates sensitivity, provides exceptional bond strengths, and superior long-term performance.   <sp.. Price: $120.00 Source: Vista Dental

V-Force Solo

V-Force Solo is a universal single bottle, light-cure only, adhesive system. V-Force Solo combines the etchant, primer and bonding resin into a single solution. V-Force Solo is recommended for all classes of direct restorations and indirect restoration delivery.. Price: $115.00 Source: Vista Dental

Purify +

Purify + is an aqueous cleanser that has been designed to remove all contaminants from the surface of a tooth prior to bonding. These contaminants include such things as: tooth debris, temporary cement, bacteria, blood, saliva, handpiece oil, imaging powder, et.. Price: $45.00 Source: Vista Dental


Seamless is a wetting resin that has been designed to make the handling of composite material easier and more consistent by eliminating the tackiness that makes manipulation difficult. Not only does Seamless eliminates handling issues, but it doesn’t build film.. Price: $19.00 Source: Vista Dental


Desensify has been formulated to be used with total etch and selective etch adhesive systems along with the treatment of sensitivity resulting from exposed dentin.   Easy to apply, no drying, n.. Price: $95.00 Source: Vista Dental

Vista View Blog #5 – Tissue Management Elevated: Quick-Stat™ Local Hemostatic Agents

Tissue management during impressions and bleeding caused by the removal of subgingival caries can be a clinical challenge. Adaptation of a matrix band, digital or traditional impressions making, working in a clean and dry field, among other indications, often require local hemostatic agents. As an endodontist, I frequently see patients with deep subgingival caries in …

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